Testimonials for The Heart Painter

The blue & white cloud design that the Heart Painter painted on the walls transformed our living room and dining room!   It makes you feel more peaceful.  When you sit on the couch and look at the walls with the extra large canvas of the beach scene it makes feel like you are in are outside inside. Sherry Stearn 

She is amazing, professional and creative. I loved the work she did in my home. I got many compliments. It makes me feel great walking into my home and seeing all the different textures and colors. Renee Stearn Silversmith 

I love this Art that express Love and High Vibration for us to have a good inspiration in our homes, ceremonies, weddings, Birthdays, etc. Every form is vibrating and these forms are vibrating very high! Thank you Evelyn for your talent and true love. Monica Garaycoechea 

Evelyn shares a transcendental love through her Heart Artwork they like magnets have energy, of this I am sure. Love Peace and Light Y’ALL Franklin Goldman 

Evelyn has a MAJIC within that transpires onto her art and onto the people that are honored To be in her presence . The Studio is a safe sacred space where Majic comes alive . Everyone needs to work with this incredible woman. Julie Ru

I have loved working with Evelyn Ballin she is a great artist, and is full of love as being the heart painter! Carole Wilson

Good Morning Evelyn, your art is awesome! You bless the world with your presence and the work you do. Thanks for sharing the planet!♡ In Smiles and Blessings, Michael