The Heart Painter is a Decorative Painting company that specializes in Faux Finishes. These unique finishes are beautiful ways to make something look like something else. For example a plain wall or table can be turned into multi colored Granite, Marble, Fantasy finish or a Mural. 

As a painter Evelyn is only interested in the types of paints that are non-toxic. Early in her painting career she started to use water based paints and low VOC paint for walls. The faux finishes Evelyn creates are designed to bring joy and happiness into your home or office space. Designs like marble looks, Venetian plaster, Multi color blends, Wood Graining, faux stones and murals are all part of Evelyn, The Heart Painters portfolio.

“Painting on furniture is a fun way to uplift an old piece into something new and fresh again.”

There are many finishes that can be created to bring a piece of furniture back to life. When working on canvas and depending on the project, most of Evelyn’s work is done with mixed medias. “I love to create in dimension, often using paper, clay and paint to create something that comes out at the viewer. I find working dimensionally to be exciting because it’s much like sculpting a piece into form.”

Also, The Heart Painter creates awesome decorative items for your home or gifts like our Art Under Foot canvases for the floor, Love Token Touchstones, Heirloom Rocking Horses for children as well adults, clocks and much more.

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