Many, Many years ago I lived in a great big house with 2 studio spaces. The Heart Painter – How it all Started

I literally woke up one day went to my studio and started to paint hearts.  I can’t explain how this happen. I think it was an urge from my inner self.  A driving force in me to start a journey of self-discovery. The process I started using was new to me at the time.  I had been painting professionally on walls, floors and furniture, this was different. All of a sudden I was painting a totally new style, I now call Love Flows.…I discovered this technique put me in a meditative state.  I was allowing the paints to be very liquidy.

(Bear with me I like to make up words). Liquidy means, the paint flowed very easily, there was no resistance in the movement of the paint and the mediums I used.

Watching the movement of the paint was mesmerizing.  It allowed my mind to quiet down. Being still with just paintbrushes and the flow of the paint felt good.  I’d add gold dust and see that flow into the paint creating another level. Hours would pass and it felt like a moment. These years were a time of emotional upheaval for me.  Life was changing and the quiet helped calm the crazy monkey mind. You know that tape that could go on and on in a negative spin. At this time I had a tape playing 24 hours a day.  I had to learn to turn this off.  

For a long time I’d paint hearts, sell hearts and wonder. why I am possessed by hearts?  It took quite a few years to understand what I needed to know. By experiencing this type of, painting meditation and using self development tools, the answer came to me. I am Love. It’s Pure and Simple.

This has been a revelation.  It is sometimes still difficult to remember and I must admit I need reminders on a daily basis.  

I do believe we all need these reminders.  

I continue to paint heArts as a main artistic theme because I have a strong desire to put out reminders to as many people who are drawn to them for their own reminder.

I hope you enjoy The Heart Painter’s Blog. This is my first post.  I would love to be a source of inspiration for you. And a reminder of the Love You Are.  

From my heArt always,