Welcome to The Heart Painter,

My mission is to transform lives through art.  And I do it with a lot of heArt.  I believe, as we realize that WE ARE LOVE, a feeling of PEACE begins to dominate our being.  We associate our feelings with the HEART.  The importance of the Heart in our daily interpersonal engagements is crucial.   To LIVE from the heart is to tap into our highest form of existence.  To CREATE from the heart is to give unconditionally.  I create from my heart, my hope is it touches your heart and you feel the Love You Are. 

Find my Art at Etsy.com, My Shop name is…TheHeartPainter all one word. Or call me at 954.551.0402 for a home/office consultations are free.

I create art on canvas that can be shipped

or paint directly on your Walls, Floors & Furniture.  

My Passion is to ignite your visual field and help you to feel happier.

I paint on anything that doesn’t move and sometimes even that.


The Heart Painter-Decorative Artist

Phone: +1.954-551-0402