About the Artist

"About Evelyn The Heart Painter"EVELYN S. BALLIN was born in Brooklyn, NY, resided in Massachusetts and now considers Florida home where the ocean and family has brought her. Evelyn started drawing as a child. She discovered she can draw anything and that started her love of art. She would spend countless hours drawing whatever she saw. Her art was put on hold when she entered into Northeastern University where she studied cardiovascular health and exercise. After a three-year career in the Health Sciences, she devoted most of her time raising her two sons, Zac and Jared. As Evelyn’s children were growing up she spent 4 years working on sketching and painting through a correspondence course called The Art Instruction School. The school caught Evelyn’s eye on the back of a matchbook. Remember the “Can you draw this “advertisements?

After being accepted into the program the instructors said that if you practice to become an artist people will start asking you to paint for them. That is exactly what happened to Evelyn. Evelyn established her professional Decorative painting business in 1994 when friends, family, and people they referred were asking her for her services. She paints murals and Trompe L’oeil (fool the eye) features to create warmth and beauty for private residences and commercial spaces. Evelyn created her own line of beautiful and functional home decorative items such as heirloom quality rocking horses, fairy houses, pride art, furniture, boxes and clocks as well as Heartfelt paintings.

Evelyn literally WOKE UP painting Hearts years ago to simply spread the word that…YOU are Love! She has a deep knowing that when you KNOW you are Love…All is Well. That’s why her slogan is; “Think Love, Know Peace!”