Evelyn Ballin – The Heart Painter, Artistic Services

"Evelyn Ballin The Heartpainter"Evelyn’s Mission is to transform lives through the power of art. And she does it with a lot of heArt. Evelyn knows that as we realize that WE ARE LOVE, a feeling of PEACE begins to dominate our being. This feeling of peace can help one live a life with power and confidence. Color in ones life creates an environment that leads to a life of peace.

In creating art, Evelyn has come to the realization that color plays an important role in a persons life. The walls, floors and furniture that we live with everyday have an affect on our mood. Each color on your furniture, walls and floors speak to us in a certain way. Color exudes a vibration and that is why we need to be surrounded by pieces that feel good to ourselves and satisfies our visual field to make us feel better. Color has an affect on your customers that come into your restaurant, people that come into your home as well as yourself. Evelyn takes pride in working closely with her clients to come together with the perfect colors that “feel” best for them.

When working with clients, Evelyn takes into account the “feeling” they want to “feel” when they come into the restaurant, home or office space. We associate our feelings with the HEART. The importance of the Heart in our daily interpersonal engagements is crucial. To LIVE from the heart is to tap into our highest form of existence. To CREATE from the heart is to give unconditionally.  Evelyn creates from her heart, in the hope it touches your heart.

      Evelyn’s clients include homeowners, restaurants and hotels in Florida and Boston.

      Painting professionally since 1996.

“She is amazing, professional and creative. I love the work she did in my home. I get many compliments. It makes me feel great walking into my home and seeing all the different textures and colors.”
Renee Silversmith



Find more of Evelyn’s art at her Etsy Shop. Or call Evelyn at 954.551.0402 for a home/office consultation they are free.

Evelyn creates art on canvas which may be shipped or paints directly on your Walls, Floors & Furniture.



My Passion is to ignite your visual field and help you feel happier….
I paint on anything that doesn’t move and sometimes even that.



“The art work is so amazing! Thank you for feeling my heart and Mikes.” Gail Ellis